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Commercial Trash Removal

Whether your company’s waste production is small, large or requires a complex method of disposal, we have the equipment to handle it all at Steve’s Sanitation, Inc. We strive to offer each of our business clients a solution that is tailor-made to fit their unique business needs. Call us today for a quote and get the best available price in the market for quality services. Focus on your business profits as well as growth, and let us worry about your waste! Please review the list of unacceptable waste.

Our commercial trash removal services include:


Garbage Services

We offer commercial garbage collection and disposal services in all the communities within our service areas. You can choose between our 38, 65 and 95 gallons-size can depending on your business’s waste needs.


Commercial Compactors Available

To help you optimize the usage of your dumpster, we have commercial compactors that are available for both commercial and industrial use.


Roll-Off Dumpsters

We offer many different sizes of roll-off dumpsters and demolition containers for your business needs. We will drop off the dumpster and pick it up when you’re finished with it. Find out more about our Roll-Off Services.


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Rear Loader Dumpsters

For businesses with more waste each week than a typical size garbage can is able to handle there are the larger rear-loader dumpsters. For within city limit’s customers we have a weekly pick-up schedule. Rural Businesses will have a customized schedule based on your needs. Note: Due to Minnesota state law, no ash or yard waste is allowed to be dumped into a garbage container. Sizes & Dimensions: Portable Dumpsters on castors.

Portable Dumpsters on castors

1 cubic yard 2 feet deep 2 lids
1 1/2 cubic yards 3 feet deep 2 lids
2 cubic yards rectangular 3 1/2 feet deep 2 lids
Sloped 2 cubic yards 5 feet deep 2-4 lids
3 cubic yards 6 1/2 feet deep 4 lids

Stationary Dumpsters

4 cubic yards 7 feet deep 4 lids
6 cubic yards 10 feet deep 6 lids
8 cubic yards 12 feet deep 6 lids
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