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Best Garbage Company in Detroit Lakes, MN

If you’ve recently moved to the Detroit Lakes area and are looking for a residential garbage services in Becker or Ottertail County you have a few options. Notable among them is Steve’s Sanitation. The company can provide new residents and business owners with the garbage collection services they need. Steve’s is a local garbage collection company that offers a variety of garbage-related services, including residential and commercial solid waste collection services.

Locally Owned

You might want to support local businesses like Steve’s Sanitation. As a result, a higher percentage of your money stays in the Detroit Lakes and Perham economies, which helps to enrich the communities. Additionally, another reason for supporting local businesses is because it encourages a sense of camaraderie, which brings people closer together and accordingly creates community relationships. Steve’s philosophy is, “Because we live in Perham, we care about our local community. We fully support local events and do our part in raising money for worthy causes, like the Breast Cancer Society. You’re able to order a pink trash can from us, of which $5 goes directly to supporting breast cancer awareness.”

Family Owned

Steve’s Sanitation is a family-owned business. Accordingly, you can expect the personalized service you deserve when signing up for their garbage collection services. The company has always been family oriented.  Four husbands and wives and many fathers and sons have worked for the company at the same time.

Cities We Serve

While Steve’s Sanitation is located in Perham, their garbage collection services are available Otter Tail Country and Becker County. We provide garbage and waste services in Detroit Lakes, Cormorant, Audubon, Lake Park, Frazee, Callaway, Richwood, Rochert, Snellman, Toad Lake, and Wolf Lake in Becker County. In Otter Tail County we provide trash services to Perham, Richville, Dent, Ottertail, Battle Lake, Maine, Amor, New York Mills, Bluffton, and Vergas.

Garbage Collection Services

We offer a variety of trash removal services in order to meet all the garbage needs in our local community.

  • Residential Garbage Collection. We offer garbage collection services in all of the areas we serve. You can choose from three different sizes of trash cans – 38 gallon, 65 gallon, and 95 gallon.
  • Commercial Waste Services. We can deliver residential-size trash cans to your place of business, or bring you a rear loader dumpster if you need more room.
  • Real Loader Dumpsters. We offer large dumpsters for businesses that have a lot of trash, starting at 1 cubic yard all the way up to 8 cubic yards.
  • Roll Off Dumpster Services. These trash dumpsters are perfect for construction companies, clearing large pieces of land, events, and festivals, and are available to both residential and commercial customers.
  • Yard Waste Pick Up. We’ll pick up your leaves, cut grass, and tree branches. This service is currently only available in Perham.
  • Recycling Services. We currently only offer recycling services in Perham, Frazee, Lake Park and Detroit Lakes. We’ll be expanding to other areas soon!


Why Steve’s Sanitation

It’s simple. Steve’s Sanitation offers the best garbage collection services in the Detroit Lakes area where cost-effectiveness, dedication and promptness is concerned.

It all started in 1986 with just one truck. Now, more than 30 years later, the company has multiple garbage trucks in order to keep up with their customers. Steve’s Sanitation’s focus is on providing every single one of their customers with the absolute best service possible. They’re able to do this by simply discussing their garbage collection needs. Additionally, Steve’s Sanitation also offers an online payment system for convenience. They offer cost-effective solutions for your garbage collection needs.

If you’ve recently moved to the Detroit Lakes area in Minnesota, call us at (218) 849-1225 so we can discuss your trash collection options.